KONG Cam Clean Rope Clamp

KONG Cam Clean Rope Clamp

Product Code: KONG-CAM-CLEAN
Net Weight (Per Item): 0.1kg


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KONG Cam Clean

Chest rope clamp specifically conceived for climbing, caving, rescue, work on height, canyoning

All the components are part of the latest generation of Kong blockers

Excellent ability to block out particularly on muddy and icy ropes thanks to the holes on the cam

The new material and a special chemical and thermal process give to the cam, in addition to black color, a much higher surface hardness. The result is a great wear resistance and a reduction of the fragility that usually penalizes steels by quenching to low temperatures

New opening lever, ergonomic, easy to handle and protected from shocks and from the risk of accidental opening

Fitted with anti-overturning system of the cam

High quality product made in Italy

Conforms to CE EN 567 and CE EN 12841/B

*Specifications and prices may change from time to time so please confirm before placing your order.

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