Trolley Jacks

If you need to lift cars or other extremely heavy loads on a regular basis, a suitable trolley jack will allow you to do so with ease. We sell a range of heavy-duty trolley jacks here at Safety-Lifting, enabling you to lift loads of up to 10 tonnes without any difficulty.

To buy your trolley jack, select a product from the following list. The maximum load for each jack is clearly marked in the product description.

Heavy-Duty Trolley Jacks for a Range of Uses

Trolley jacks are most commonly used to lift cars and other vehicles. The heavy-duty trolley jacks that we sell can be used for a variety of different purposes, including:

  • Car maintenance and repair
  • Motorsport (e.g. F1 pits)
  • Factories
  • Mechanic garages

The wheeled design of a trolley jack makes it easy to manoeuvre in and out of position. Please note that maximum capacity varies from product to product; please ensure that you have the right trolley jack for your requirements before completing your purchase.

It's easy to purchase equipment from Safety-Lifting! Simply add your trolley jack(s) to the online shopping basket and proceed to our secure checkout page - you can even select a preferred currency (GBP, EUR or AED) for payment!