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Credit Account Company Policy:- First order to be pre paid in full. Once account details have been verified, confirmation of account and credit available (ref. credit rating) will be sent and future orders can be on credit account, subject to our terms & conditions, available to print at bottom of form. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for this process.

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I/We give my/our consent to a credit search being made on me/us as owner/partner or director of this organisation both now and at any future date. I/We understand this search will be recorded by the agency and may be disclosed to subsequent enquirers. I (the undersigned) agree that all the transactions of sale entered into by my company (known as “the customer”) shall be subject to T/A Tacklestore ltd, conditions of sale, as the case may be, operative at the time of any contract sale. I will make full settlement of all monies due within one month from the date of Tacklestores invoice and I have answered all questions on this application truly and fully. I hereby, personally guarantee payment in respect of all sums due from my company (the customer) to T/A Tacklestore ltd. Together with all ancillary costs incurred. I have retained a copy of this form for my records.