1000kg Multi-directional Screw Clamp

1000kg Multi-directional Screw Clamp

Product Code: ELE-SC-WF1
Net Weight (Per Item): 2.9kg


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ELEPHANT 1000kg Multi-directional Screw Clamp


Made by ELEPHANT Japan

‚ÄčThis is the lightest Clamp in the industry - The body, cam and screw and formed from special alloy steel, and have excellent strength and toughness due to the unique heat treatment technology, thus making the Clamp compact and superior in strength

A circular double cam lock method is employed, resulting in a stronger clamping force and ensuring safe work.  The circular cams on both sides are supported by hemispherical surfaces so they apply a clamping force to the suspended load while rotating according to the load direction.  This ensures safe work without slipping occurring

There are two suspension holes, one for vertical suspension and the other for horizontal suspension, enabling the load to be hoisted in either orientation

The Clamp can be used to hoist inclined loads such as I-Beams.  The gripping pieces enable the load to be hoisted while inclined at an angle of up to 10degrees without slipping off

Because the setscrew produces a high clamping force and does not readily become loose, the Clamp is highly resistant to vibration.  In addition, the head of the screw is hexagonal (21mm between flats), enabling it to be turned using a ratchet wrench

The body is provided with a baked finish, and the circular cam and the screw are treated to prevent rusting


  • Lifting and Transporting: General steel products such as H-beams, I-beams, steel sheets/plates, channel and angle iron.  Various structures such as steel framed beams, columns, welded structures are also included
  • Suspension: Clamps can be used for suspending manual Chainhoists, Electric Chainhoists etc....
  • Dragging: The Clamp can be used for dragging steel plates, structures and other objects along the ground


  • Model: WF1
  • Capacity: 1000kg
  • Minimum capacity: 100kg
  • Jaw opening: 3-40mm
  • Weight: 2.9kg
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