Y Shock Absorbing Lanyard With Karabiners, 2 MetreY Shock Absorbing Lanyard With Karabiners, 2 Metre

Y Shock Absorbing Lanyard With Karabiners, 2 Metre

Product Code: GFBW200LB102-011-011
Net Weight (Per Item): 1.5kg


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'Y' Shock Absorbing Lanyard Complete With Karabiners

This twin tail shock absorbing rope lanyard has sewn end terminations complete with plastic thimble eyes. It is ideal for maintaining a point of contact during the transition between anchor points. This lanyard is complete with an energy absorbing element meaning it can be used in fall arrest situations. 

Product Dimensions

Rope type: Kermantle
Rope diameter: 10.5mm

Maximum user weight: 100kg 
Rope length: 2mtr 
Conforms to EN355.2002 CE standards.
Made in the EU

Compact Shock Absorber
x3 GFAZ011 Screw Lock Karabiner

*Please note that this product can have a maximum lifespan of 10-years from the date of manufacture. This is irrespective of shelf life/working life. This is subject to correct usage, storage and thorough examination by a competent person. The date of manufacture can be found on the ID label which is sewn onto this product.

*Specifications and prices may change from time to time so please confirm before placing your order.

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