TU200 Portawrap Small Lowering Device

TU200 Portawrap Small Lowering Device

Product Code: TF-TU200
Net Weight (Per Item): 1.92kg


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The TU200 is a lightweight friction device used to introduce friction in a rope set up to aid controlled lowering of cut limbs

Measuring 265 x 230 x 75mm and made from galvanised steel, the TU200 is an economical, lightweight lowering device.  Noramlly attached to the base of the tree with a loopie or Roundsling, the portawrap can be used in conjunction with a mechanical advantage pulley system for lifting and lowering

Comes in a handy canvas bag

For use with 10-14mm diameter rope

Model: TU200

Dimensions: 265 x 230 x 75mm

Weight: 1.92kg

Max working load: 10 kN

Breaking force: 50 kN

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