Roofers Height Safety MultiPurpose Harness Kit Sizes M - XL

Roofers Height Safety MultiPurpose Harness Kit Sizes M - XL

Product Code: HK50RK
Net Weight (Per Item): 4.5kg


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Roofers Height Safety Multi Purpose Harness Kit

Consists of the following accessories: 

1. G-Force P50 M-XL Full Safety Harness

Harness Size In CM's
  Height Chest Waist
M-XL 164-180 85-100 85-120

Product Features

Rear Anchor point
Rear Anchor extension lanyard for easy attaching of fall arrest block.
Front chest anchor point
Work positioning belt
Adjustable to Upper body,chest and legs.
Suitable for fall protection and work positioning.
Adjustable in both upper & lower body.
Conforms to EN361 EN358 CE standards.
Made in the EU.

2. G-Force 10mtr Vertical Safety Line With Rope Grab

Product Specifications

Rope thickness: 14mm
Rope length: 10 metres
Conforms to EN 353-2 standards.

Product Description

The guided fall arrest grab automatically grips onto the rope to avoid falls when working at height.
The rope grab has a gate making it easy to fit and remove the grab from the kermantle rope.
Also fitted with a small shock absorber and a safety snap hook at the other end to attach onto a harness.

3. AZ011 Screw Lock Karabiner

Product Description

Steel Construction
Zinc Plated

Product Dimensions

Opening: 18mm
Length: 108mm
Width: 60mm
Strength: 25kN
Conforms to EN362 CE standards.

4. G-Force 10mtr Adjustable Work Positioning Lanyard

Product Description

This lanyard is supplied with 1 karabiner, safety hook on one end and adjustable rope grab on the other.
The protective sleeve reduces the risk of abrasion

Product Dimensions: 

Rope Length: 10 mtrs
Rope Type: Kermantle
Rope Diameter: 12mm
Conforms to EN358 CE standards.

5. AZ410 Wire Rope Lanyard With PVC Cover Protection

To be used only as a fall protection anchor point.
Includes: x1 AZ011 karabiner.
Length: 2mtrs
Conforms to EN 354 and EN 795 CE standards.

6. Heavy Duty Kit Bag AX-011

Strong PVC storage bag perfect for storing fall protection products.
Dimensions: 300 x 400mm.
Colour supplied may vary.

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