G-Force ST010 Adjustable Beam Trolley

G-Force ST010 Adjustable Beam Trolley

Product Code: GF-ST010
Net Weight (Per Item): 5.2kg


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This portable adjustable beam trolley anchor point allows flexibility in being able to move your anchor point to where it is required once it has been permanently fixed onto a horizontal 'I' steel beam. 

Product Features

  • Anchorage hook
  • Support rollers
  • Beam range: 65mm - 120mm
  • Conforms to EN 795 Class B 

Please note the following: 

  • This product is for single person use only
  • This product is suitable for horizontal use only
  • It is recommended to use a connector conforming to EN 362 to attach the fall arrest to the anchor point. 
  • It is recommended to use a structural anchor point that has a minimum static strength of 10kN.
  • Ensure that the anchorage hook is locked and centred before a fall arrest system is attached. 
  • Should this product arrest a fall it is to be immediately withdrawn from use and must be disposed of.
  • This product can have a maximum lifespan of 10 years from the date of manufacture. This lifespan is irrespective of the shelf/working life and is subject to correct usage, storage and thorough examination by a competent person.
  • This product has an inspection period of 12 months.


*Specifications and prices may change from time to time so please confirm before placing your order.