AC010 Guided Fall Arrester For 14mm Rope

AC010 Guided Fall Arrester For 14mm Rope

Product Code: GFAC010
Net Weight (Per Item): 1kg


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G-Force AC010 Guided Fall Arrester for Flexible anchor line

Suitable for 14mm Kernmantle Rope

The guided fall arrest grab in the event of a fall will automatically grip to the rope which will prevent a fall.

The rope grab is fitted with a small shock absorber and a safety snap hook to attach to the harness.

The rope grab has a gate making it easy to fit and remove the grab from the rope

Can be used as:

* A fall arrester, or
* Work Positioning, or
* An Access rope device.

SWL: 140kg 
*When used in a horizontal configuration the maximum user weight is reduced to 100kgs. 

Conforms to EN 353-2, EN 358 & EN 12841 standard

*Ropes sold separately

*Specifications and prices may change from time to time so please confirm before placing your order.

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