Abtech Safety SLIX100 Rollable Rescue Stretcher

Abtech Safety SLIX100 Rollable Rescue Stretcher

Product Code: AB-SLIX100
Net Weight (Per Item): 6.5kg


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Abtech Safety SLIX100 Rollable Rescue Stretcher

A robust, compact and lightweight stretcher

The flexible material combined to a smooth finish allows easy sliding and permits the stretcher to be rolled width ways or lengthways to facilitate transport

No webbing passes under the stretcher preventing damage whilst dragging

Strong handles around the stretcher allow it to be maneuvered by several rescuers

The stretcher may be hauled vertically or horizontally

The closure straps secure and allow the stretcher to mould around the casualty

The Abtech Stretcher may be used with the Abtech Two Person Tripod for confined space rescue

Stretcher dimensions: 915mm (W) x 2300mm (L)

Weight: 6.5kg

Certified to CE 93/42/EEC Class 1

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