6tonne Nylon Trailing Moving Skate

6tonne Nylon Trailing Moving Skate

Product Code: SKT6TT
Net Weight (Per Item): 12kg


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6tonne Nylon Trailing Moving Skate

Moving Skates can be used wherever heavy objects need to be moved and make the movement much more easier

The load can be lifted up using either a Roller Crowbar or a Jack, allowing the Skates to be easily positioned under the load

The Skates are fitted with a rubber surface which helps to provide grip, stability and to protect the object being moved

Polyurethane wheels to prevent damage to flooring

Heavy duty design yet light and easy to use

Capacity: 6tonne

Number of wheels: 6

Length: 200mm

Width: 220mm

Height: 110mm

Weight: 12kg

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