2000kg Semi-Electric Pallet Truck 550x1150mm

2000kg Semi-Electric Pallet Truck 550x1150mm

Product Code: CBD20-JSM
Net Weight (Per Item): 155kg


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2000kg Semi-Electric Pallet Truck 550x1150mm

The CBD20-JSM Semi-Electric Pallet Truck is a heavy-duty workhorse with a robust chassis and 2000kg lift capacity for even the toughest environments

Half the price of a standard electric pallet truck, the electric drive minimises operator fatigue and the risk of injury, whilst boosting productivity

A perfect solution when upgrading your manual pallet truck, the CBD20-JSM Semi-Electric Pallet Truck comes with a built in charger for simple plug and play and can be used continuously for 2.5 hours

Key Features:-

  • Manual pump with electric drive wheel
  • Electromagnetic braking system improves safety
  • Effortless motion for drivers and warehouse operatives
  • Half the cost of other fully electric pallet trucks
  • Drives over broken up pathways, warehouse floors & half drop kerbs
  • No drivers off sick from injury
  • Complete your delivery drops quicker
  • 2.5 hours constant use
  • Three-pin charging 240v


  • Model: CBD20-JSM
  • Brand: Hangcha
  • Capacity: 2000kg
  • Fork dimensions: 550mm x 1150mm
  • Overall length: 1620mm
  • Lift height: 115mm
  • Lowered fork height: 85mm
  • Turning radius: 1415mm
  • Drive speed (loaded): 4.2km/h
  • Drive speed (unloaded): 4.5km/h
  • Maximum gradeability (loaded): 3%
  • Maximum gradeability (unloaded): 10%
  • Drive motor: 0.75kW
  • Type of drive control: DC
  • Weight: 155kg
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