2 Man Stretcher Cage
2 Man Stretcher Cage
2 Man Stretcher Cage
2 Man Stretcher Cage

2 Man Stretcher Cage

Product Code: EICH-1075-RS
Net Weight (Per Item): 450kg
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The 1075 Stretcher Cage is supplied as a crane evacuation cage for use where a casualty needs to be evacuated from height.

Suitable for 2 personnel (1 casualty and 1 attendant) and supplied in white with relevant signage

The single door is located on the narrow side of the fully enclosed cage permits the first-aider to enter and leave the rescue cage with the stretcher

Each unit is supplied complete with four leg Chainsling (rated at 10/1 ration as required by CE regulations) attached to the main lifting points with connectors

  • Model number: 1075
  • Equipped with single door
  • Load Capacity: 190kg
  • Length: 2570mm
  • Height: 2130mm
  • Width: 770mm
  • Unit weight: 450kg

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