1t Inversion Electric chain hoist, c/w Bag 415v

1t Inversion Electric chain hoist, c/w Bag 415v

Product Code: DUKE-CH-1000
Net Weight (Per Item): 45kg


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LiftinGear Duke Electric Inversion / Standard use Hoist.

Available in lengths from 6mtr - 20mtr.

●3 Phase 415 volt 50Hz Electric Hoist.

●Lightweight compact electric hoist with the flexibility to be
used either as a standard suspended hoist or Inverted
(upside down).

●Supplied with ChainBag.

●Supplied with Controller with emergency stop and power lead.

●Using the hoist inverted reduces the need to carry the hoist
body to the upper anchor point making this an ideal choice
for many lifting applications.

●Highly efficient single brake system with no adjustment required.

● Brake will function even in the event of a power failure.

●Protection against dust & water ingress.

●The housing & hardware components are completely
treated by a matt black powder coating.

●The hoist is supplied with high quality alloy steel grade 80
reliable load chain.

●The upper hook unit is made from high strength alloy steel.

●The lower swivel hook is fitted with a safety catch and
bearings allowing easy 360 degrees rotation even under
load and this will also reduce any risk of the chain twisting.

●Complies with BS7906 / BGV D8 for entertainment use.(see BGV-D8-Standard)

●When using the hoist inverted the patented chain guiding
wheel distributes chain smoothly without twisting into the
chain bag.

●The gear system is fitted with an overloading clutch to
protect the hoist motor from over loading & subsequent

●Equipped with detachable plug , which is convenient and compact.

●The detachable plug is able to work with the synchronous controller, to operate a single hoist or multiple hoists simultaneously.

●It is available for optional 2,4,6,8,10,12 etc,
multi channel control cabinet for sychronised

●A flight case is available separately, which
protects the hoist And increases the ease of

●Hoists come fully tested And certified

●12 months warranty.

*Specifications and prices may change from time to time so please confirm before placing your order.