Tripod & Fall Arrest Retrieval Winch 15mtrTripod & Fall Arrest Retrieval Winch 15mtr

Tripod & Fall Arrest Retrieval Winch 15mtr

Product Code: GFTM9W-CRW200
Net Weight (Per Item): 20kg


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Rescue Tripod and Fall Arrest Retrieval Block

Supplied with Pulley wheel and karabiner.

*Ideal for confined space working.

Consisting of,

G-Force TM9-W Adjustable Tripod c/w built in Pulley

*Fully adjustable height 130cm - 230cm

*Multi attach points for use with fall arrest block etc.

*Lightweight aluminium construction.

G-Force CRW200 Fall Arrest / Retrieval Block

Length 15mtr.

The CRW200 operates as a standard fall arrest block, but should the user fall they can be winched up or lowered to safety without delay.

The CRW200 has an integral winch which is simple to operate and will fucntion as a normal fall arrest block when the winch is not engaged.

*Retrieval Block is supplied with a bracket to connect to the Leg of the TM9 Tripod and can be removed for easy transportation and storage.

*Use with P10R Rescue harness

*Storage bag available.

*Complies with EN795

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