TORO3000-A 125kg Compact Material LiftTORO3000-A 125kg Compact Material LiftTORO3000-A 125kg Compact Material LiftTORO3000-A 125kg Compact Material Lift

TORO3000-A 125kg Compact Material Lift

Product Code: TORO3000-A
Net Weight (Per Item): 56kg


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The TORO3000-A is a compact Material Lift designed to lift loads of up to 125kgs to a maximum height of 3mtrs

It's compact and lightweight design makes it easy and simple to use and move by one person

It's specially designed reversible Forks means they can be used Inverted to gain extra height.  Supplied with magnetic locking pins ensure a quick easy set-up, and also easily removed from the Material Lift for transportation

The base has two adjustable positions, 565mm and 745mm making the Material Lift easy to pass through doorways and easy to use in confined spaces with reduced working area.  The legs are also detachable for transportation

The Hand Winch is fitted with an automatic braking system, meaning once you have reached your desired lifting height, by letting go of the Winch handle the braking system automatically stops and holds the load in place

The self weight of the TORO3000-A is 56kgs and is perfect for the following applications:

  • Installations - such as air conditioning, piping or ductwork
  • Construction/Lighting - such as handling pallets, sign installations or big screens
  • Manual jobs - such as metalwork, woodwork or shelving
  • Maintenance work - such as hotels, hospitals, schools, airports or stadiums/sports halls

‚ÄčAvailable for both hire and sales

*Specifications and prices may change from time to time so please confirm before placing your order.

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