HHKX-3 Wire Pulling Grip 16-32mm cable size

HHKX-3 Wire Pulling Grip 16-32mm cable size

Product Code: HHKX-3
Net Weight (Per Item): 3.2kg


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HHKX-3 Wire Pulling Grip

The HHKX-3 is a device for gripping, pulling and tensioning unsheathed wire ropes, cables and metal rods in all forms

The parallel jaws provide a firm, non-slip grip without causing damage to the wire

A special spring-loaded guide prevents the grip from dropping off the wire and affords instand release without jamming

Model: HHKX-3

Rated load: 30kN

Cable size: 16-32mm steel strands/ACSR/insulated wires

Weight: 3.2kg

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