CMT60L150 60tonne Hydraulic Pull Cylinder Aluminium

CMT60L150 60tonne Hydraulic Pull Cylinder Aluminium

Product Code: EPP-CMT60L150-RS
Net Weight (Per Item): 33.5kg
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CMT60L150 60tonne Aluminium Hydraulic Pull Cylinder

Manufactured by EPP Europress

The Aluminium Hydraulic Pull Cylinders are perfect for use in shipbuilding and in steel structural works to pull together plates, or prefabricated parts which have to be welded together

Manufactured completely in aluminium (apart from the rod), the Cylinders have been given an anodizing treatment to protect them against corrosion

They also feature a bellow to protect the rod

Fitted with eyelets each end and carry handle for easy transportation

  • Model: CMT60L150
  • Capacity: 60tonne
  • Closed height: 734mm
  • Extended height: 884mm
  • Eyelet width: 107mm
  • Slit width: 61mm
  • Slit length: 140mm
  • Eyelet thickness: 40mm
  • Max working pressure: 700 bar
  • Stroke: 150mm
  • Oil volume: 1199cm³
  • Weight: 33.5kg

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