500kg 30mm wide Single Trip Webbing Slings

500kg 30mm wide Single Trip Webbing Slings

Product Code: SUS-FWS
Net Weight (Per Item): 0.4kg


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LiftinGear 500kg 'One Trip' Webbing Sling x 4mtr

These 'One Trip' Webbing Slings are designed for lifting and moving large structures such as roof trusses and timber

Simple and easy to use - the Sling is used to lift the load and place into position or onto transportation.  The Sling will stay in position throughout the operation until it is off-loaded at it's final destination where it is taken off and removed from service.  This process saves times and saves you having to rig the load again to unload

Width: 30mm wide

Reinforced eye each end

Length: 4mtr (effective working lengths)

Safety factor: 7:1

*** Please note these Slings are designed for one trip only and are not re-usuable ***

*Specifications and prices may change from time to time so please confirm before placing your order.